Our Terms And Privacy

Sports In Focus are committed to the protection of your private and personal information. This guide outlines how we collect and use your personal information in the process of delivering our products and services. If you have more questions, contact one of our account managers to discuss your concerns further.

Our Commitment To You

At Sports In Focus, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of any personally identifiable information we collect or you provide us. This includes information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as photos, name, address, phone number, or email address.

This privacy policy explains how we handle and protect your personally identifiable information in accordance with commonly accepted privacy principles.

This policy was last revised on 2nd of November, 2018

As needs change, we reserve the right to modify or amend this policy at any time and for any reason. Any material changes to this privacy policy will be posted prior to their implementation. If you would like to ask a question about this policy, you can send it by email or post.

Photography Privacy Policy

We view the taking of photographic records on behalf of clubs and associations as an important activity that benefits both the club/association and all of it’s membership as a way to promote membership growth for the club/association. The outsourcing of part of the photography service to Sports In Focus by your club/association, enables them to provide a higher quality service to you and important fundraising revenue for the club/association.

Photographs taken by us or any sub-contractors, of yourself or family members as a record of participation in a group or team or in attendance at one of our events, functions or games may be utilized for club/association organization purposes and activities, which include (but not by way of limitation) illustration, promotion, advertising and recording of the club/association activities and you or your child’s participation in such activities.

Such photographs may be published by the club/association or by us on behalf of the club/association, in any medium (for example website and social media) and may be labeled with the name of the person/s in the photograph and the event at which the photograph was taken.

If you have objection to the taking of your or your child’s photographs under this policy, then please email: [email protected] and include your or your child’s full details and expressly state if you do not want Sports In Focus to contact you and also whether you do not want individual photos taken of you or your child.

How We Collect Information

Clubs or Associations may share personal contact information of its members to enable Sports In Focus to arrange the time and place for photographs and the viewing and purchasing of those photographs by you, which is a necessary part of the photography service being provided.

Sports In Focus may also collection your personal information through the registration of interest in an event, or through the purchasing of products or services.

Information We Collect

In the course of running photographic events on behalf of your club/association, we may ask for personally identifiable information that is relevant to providing you with our products and services.

Information that identifies you:

  • photos and personal identification within the photos
  • your name, address, phone number/s and other contact details

Information about requests for products and services:

  • the type and quantity of products and services ordered
  • options or comments relating to products and services
  • your position at the club/association

How Can You Control Your Information

Contact Us: If at any time you want to enquire about your personally identifiable information that we store, please contact us by email or post.

How We Use Your Information

We use your personally identifiable information for the purpose of responding to and fulfilling your requests for our products and services.

This might include contacting you via Email, Phone, SMS in order to:

  • maintaining a relationship with you as a valued customer of Sports In Focus.
  • provide products and services you have requested from us.
  • responding to an enquiry.
  • offering you products and services we believe may interest you, but we will not do so if you advise us not to.

Who Do We Share Your Information With?

In the course of delivering products and services, we might provide personally identifiable information about you to organisations outside of Sports In Focus. Generally, these are organisations that help us with providing our products and services. These may include:

These may include:

  • Third-party Providers: We provide personally identifiable information to third parties (such as Australia Post) for the purpose of providing products and services. This information is required for third-party providers to fulfil a request in the normal course of business.
  • Legal obligations: We may be required, by law, to disclose information you provide us when you obtain products or services from Sports In Focus. We may also disclose information against someone who poses a threat to our interests (such as an act of fraud) or whose activities could cause harm to others.

How We Protect Your Information

To maintain the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information, we use leading security technology and procedures that are regularly reviewed and updated. We have also obtained a digital certificate from PositiveSSL from Comodo, an industry leader in the protection and management of secure data transmission. All our systems are configured with industry standard data encryption and firewall technology. When you send personally identifiable information to us over the Internet, your data is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to provide for safe transmission. The protection of data transmission is indicated by the presence of a lock or key symbol in your Internet browser.